If you’re interested in doing remote work – either to supplement your income or switch to fulltime… I’m launching a new side project to help you out.

It started with a super dry cough two weeks ago. Our life came to a grinding halt as we went into quarantine. I’m still coughing but doing fine.

I don’t know about you, but being quarantined gave me a lot of time to reflect and to connect with friends and family over Skype.

And isn’t it amazing what we can do today with just a laptop and an internet connection?

Three years ago I left my job and went freelance – completely remote. I’ve been booked solid ever since. In my previous job I was happy if I had only two client meetings a day. Now I have max six client meetings a year. I really enjoy these meetings, I do. But I have been enjoying full-focused coding more. For me this is a healthy balance.

While catching up with friends and family, it became clear how many people don’t have the luxury of a remote working career. Freelancers loosing half of their clients in only a week. Friends fearing for their jobs.

Remote work is not for everyone. But many people are now considering it. And for good reason. It can help you sustain your income throughout this crisis.

For me, there was both luck and strategy involved to get here.

At the heart of that strategy there’s only two simple things I have been telling potential clients:

  1. “This is what I can do for you. This is how I can solve your business problem and how I add value.”
  2. “You should know I am available for hire – remote only. I will deliver outstanding value but I cannot do that while being at your office.”

Generally, clients find me online. If there’s a mutual interest, we sort out how we are going to work together. That’s unique to each client and project.

Also – I think the two points I mentioned above are so simple they’re ideally suited for automation.

So if you’re interested in doing remote work – start by telling the world.

If you want to be listed at my new side project,, you can sign up for the waiting list here. It’s free – my way of helping you stay afloat in these trying times.

See you there!


PS. AvailableRemote is running on a nice new Laravel stack, including the soon-to-be-released Spark for Mollie and Laravel Vapor. I’ll post more about this soon.

PPS. What I haven’t told many people (and I’m a bit hesitant to share) is that I created myself a freelance remote working career due to some high sensitivity issues.

Traveling to clients, commuting to the office, just being there, it was completely draining me. So it felt as if I had no choice but to change the way I work completely.

Now it turns out to be a blessing. It’s funny(?) how what felt like a tiresome weakness is now saving my financial ass.

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