A trait for testing laracasts/flash

The Laracasts/flash package is an amazing solution to send Bootstrap 3 styled flash messages to the user’s screen.

After you have set it up, you can do something like this in your controller:

public function store()


    flash('Welcome Aboard!');

    return home();


And you get a flash message looking like this:

Example flash message
Notice the green bar here

But how do you test the flash message was actually sent using phpunit?

Luckily, someone already had figured out a solution. Paul-Henri L (@paulhenri-l) shared an easy-to-overlook snippet at the repository.

I adapted it a bit to suit my needs and refactored it into a trait. I have been using it a lot over the last weeks.

Here is the CanAssertFlash trait, and an example of how to use it.



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