Sander van HooftI am a software architect, consultant and founder at Sandorian.com. I spend a big amount of time building software solutions for technology driven companies.

I live with my girlfriend and my cat. We’re renovating a 17th (or 16th?) century farm near Nijmegen in the east of The Netherlands. Yes, our cat is of great assistance…

I love the occasional chat, but my work requires serious focus. Being surrounded by nature, I can give my best. Spotting a deer or pheasant when looking up from my screen makes my day.

My resume is on LinkedIn. The short version is I received a Masters degree in Information Science. And worked for a number of large corporations in the Energy sector and Technology Research & Development.

One of my major clients is Mollie, a Dutch online payment service provider (PSP) focused on Europe. I am developing and maintaining all Mollie – Laravel integrations and some of their core php SDKs, including:

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By the way… Why Laravel?

Given its popularity, the Laravel PHP framework tends to be the obvious choice for many web application developers. I must admit, it’s a really neat framework.

However, I did not start out with Laravel.

During the last 15 years (oh my…) I have been looking for a development approach that fits 95% of my projects, whatever stage the project is in (rapid prototyping, MVP, scaling up to thousands of users).

So I have been working with many(!) methods… oldskool ASP, plain PHP, Zend PHP, Symfony PHP, WordPress, Flask Python, Django Python, NodeJS, Meteor JS, Apollo JS, Full stack React.

Each approach has its pro’s and cons. Some I hope to never have to touch again. Others are really nice for specific use cases.

Laravel stood the test of time because of its robustness, scalability and flexible architecture. It fits most of my project needs – not only as a web framework, but as a software framework.

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